Monday, August 01, 2005

Working weekend

It's been a while (well, around 3 months take or give) since i havent worked anything job- related at home. But the work supply in office since to become more and more since the surge of jobs that came from China, India and Bangladesh. Anyway, I'm paid by my boss for this work @ sideline rates, so i cannot say no too. I usually hate to work on weekends, but para akong nagtampo sa bigas if i'd say no since the pay is quite substantial. it's all non- dounting construction drawings in autocad format. It's just routine drawing and detailing. Esay but time- consuming none the less, and it is needed by Tuesday (it was given to me last Friday).

I did went on hammering my laptop at home Saturday and Sunday, stopping only during mealtime and when i play with my son once in a while. I was a bit frustrated at times when my almost 2 year old laptop computer isn't as fast as it used to anymore. and i have to cross my hands always for it not to hang. (well it did, once, and i lost around 40 minutes of work).

When sunday afternoon came, i've already done a significantly ample amount of work so i decided to spend the rest of the afternoon by not working anymore. i still have monday night to beat the hell out of myself anyway to outdo the deadline. I spent it with my family attending church and eating filipino food @ lucky plaza, a mall in Orchard St., downtown Singapore. I spent sometime in the evening also watching the dvd "Alfie" with my wife before dozing off to a nice sleep. I always make sure i have ample sleep on Sunday night so i have enough energy to face Monday morning. And there's nothing better to kickstart a Monday morning than a kaya toast and the local kopi-o.