Wednesday, July 27, 2005

An old poem

This is one of the hordes of poems i've made during my college days. Back in a time when we're all paranoid of what the goverment is doing. But i've always been an optimist. A guy who believes there's always something better that tomorrow will bring. Even now that my home country (the Philippines) is in tumoil and has a political crisis on its executive branch(again), I'm still praying for the best. I may not be there anymore but most of the people that i love(parents, siblings & childhood friends) are still there and i still consider it my true home.

Dreaming Nirvana

Imagine a place
Where everything is free
You don’t have to work
For you’re just looking for a job anyway
Envision a time
When everyone share
A common goal
Of goodness amongst men
Where crime and hatred a distant memory
Visualize a moment
When government is no puppets
Where corruption has faded
And food is in every table
No one suffers for hunger
Dream of a perfect world
Where there’s no capitalism
And livelihood is parted
Equally amongst all.
Picture out a society
Where there’s no arrogant presidents
Or any wolfen leaders in sheep’s clothes
Just ordinary common men
United in harmony.
Envision a red flag flying
And my hand holding yours
Brother, we will make this future together
…and it’s coming near.