Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fergus' 2nd Birthday

And then comes 23rd of September. My wife and i were very busy preparing some meals for a small thanksgiving meal for the birthday of our son, Fergus Raye. Actually it's not only a thanksginving for Bogs tisoy's (we fondly called him that) birthday but also for him being okay now for a sickness that plagued him almost two weeks (on-off fever, flu & bronchitis).

Yanyan(my wife Jean) went to market at 8 a.m. to collect the meat she pre-ordered. She always like to cook fresh and the day where the food will be served. I stayed with Fergus, who woke up rarely early, and let him scan some of my graphic novels. He's a fan of Batman, spiderman and superman (and yes, he's just two years old today) and scans pages as if he's reading them, ocassionaly pointing to some figures he liked and letting go of a smirk. He could grow a wise-ass, i thought. Comics-reading wiseass.

At 10 a.m. it was my time to go out of the flat to get the cake which the kid will blow tonight, and buy some booze for the friends coming (mostly my co-workers and fellow filipino architects).

By two we have finished preparing the meal and we made sure everything's ok before we freshen up and made the kid ready for his big day. He was a bit skinny since he did not eat for 7 days and if ever he drink milk, he would vomit afterwards. This was the first day that he actually ate solid food and we were very happy.

Visitors started coming by four. Almost all have presents for the tyke and he couldn't wait to skin them all. Most, of course were toys and some are kiddie cds he's known to watch. He had children playmates who came, unfortunately only the females, four of them. But it was ok. He did enjoyed himself of his big day playing with the girls and trashing the hell out of our bedroom.