Friday, September 09, 2005

working in Indie comicbook

I have been in contact with a number of American Indie creators recently, and most of them has bee nsending me scripts, asking me if I wanted to draw their stories. Most of them though, pays on a back-end system (like most indie companies do). So I try to pick only the best stories I think that comicbook readers like me would want to read that I will shell some hard-earned bucks to buy it.(Of course I still have to work my dayjob to support myself and my family) Most of my weekends now are being spent on my home drawing board making comicbook drawings-- both sequentials and pinups. I think so much that Jean has been giving me the cold shoulders recently for not taking her out with Fergus like I used to on weekends. I have to make it up to her and my son this weekend though. But of course, I still have to bang that drawing board.

Here's a pin-up that will see print on the upcoming C.H.E.S.S comicbook by creator Alfred Paige under the Ronin Studios banner.