Friday, September 30, 2005

A very busy week

Ahh!!! I havent posted anything for quite a while! Sorry for those people who've been dropping here for sometime now since virtually there's no posting whatsoever that I've made for around a week now (well actually 10 days to be exact). It's just that I've been pretty busy these days. I think this is the bussiest I've been since putting up this blog. I've been pretty caught up with my dayjob since we have so many incoming projects now and all of the guys in the office are working like madmen to cope with it.
Plus, i'm also beating the deadline for Ronin Studios' RVP Corrective Measures: Nicholas written by Grant Chastain and pencilled and inked by yours truly. I'm just wrapping it up to pass to the letterer & greyscaler since I'm also starting pencilling a 10-pager gig for HOPE Anthology, a book benifit for Hurricane Katrina victims. Plus, I have BLUE FOX in the pipeline, a superhero book greenlighted by Ronin Studios and written by Canadian Lerone Graham. The first issue will be a 28-pager standard that should see publication by early next year. And amidst all of these, I still have to find some time for my wife and kid too, and even watch tv with them. It's tough but I'm not complaining. Things are really opening up for me right now and I cannot complain with these blessings.

for those who've been waiting for the next pages of Hell Fury in this blog, It will come, don't worry. It's my brainchild and i love making it. Maybe if i get a bit slack of a time, I'd go on and scan and letter them pages too. When, i still don't know. Hopefully, sooner.