Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I still say YES

As all of you who has been dropping by this blog knew by now, I haven't been updating the entries as often as i should have. It's just that my priorities has had a new inclusion in its calendar and blogging, as enjoyable as it is, has taken a setback. I wish(though I stopped wishing a long time a go)I can be the mythical Hydra sometimes, so I can do a hundred things in a single go, or be like my comicbook childhood hero "The Flash", and move faster than sound to finish things in a spark. It's just that multi-tasking can just do too much when you have only one body.

At least I'm not saying goodbye. I was so tempted to do so. But no. I'm hanging on. I'm holding on to the friendship i've made with you guys. I'm latching to the smile and feel-good sensation while reading each of your blogs, I'm clinging to the simple wonders of each fascinating entries and seeing how varied a person thoughts can be, I'm gripping on to the bond that we blogfriends has subconciously had while probing each others thouughts, exposing each others' beliefs, and stood barenaked from other people's views and judgement.