Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Out of the Box

It's New Year. And I have so much to thank God for. Each year has always been a wealth of experience for me, though not all of it good. But I'm rejuvenated nonetheless. i've had that breather of a short vacation, I got to spend more time with my family and I've had a bit of a chance to give help to people who were dear to me.

This morning I woke up earlier because a new chapter in my life unfolds. My 3-year old kid goes to school for the first time. Jean and I were so excited so we prepared everything last night. We wanted to make Fergus' first trip to the learning realm as memorable as can be. I think anyone of you who have kids can relate to this.

Many of us too are making New Year's Resolutions. While some may succeed to these goals, most may find it difficult living out to these self-pledge, and as a result get frustrated. Like Me. So now I knew better. Instead of setting goals to myself for a year, I just set goals a week at a time.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody. I just wish you plenty of HOPE. For hope keeps us going. No aspirations-- however shallow or achievable it may be-- can be accomplished without it.

So here's into another twelve months of Roller Coaster ride. Hang on. Grip tight. For we're sure to be having a crazy ride... and it's going to be a blast.